Recalls this week come from Ford, Subaru, Nissan and small volume brands Ram, Lotus and MG.
Early in the week, Ford issued a recall for 42,907 Fiesta vehicles built between May 27, 2010, and September 1, 2016, as well as 85,863 Ranger vehicles built between May 23, 2011, and May 20, 2015.
It appears affected vehicles may have a pawl spring in the side-door latch susceptible to breaking which could prevent the door from latching or the door may unlatch whilst being driven.
Ford will be contacting known owners of affected vehicles or owners can contact Ford and quote Safety Recall 18S06 to book a diagnosis appointment and repair if necessary. A list of affected VINs can also be found here. If owners discover the defect they are urged to contact their local Ford dealer immediately.
A recall from Subaru concerning MY18 Liberty and Outback vehicles produced up until August 1, 2018, has been issued due to a problem with the driving range indicator for refuelling being discovered.
It appears the information about the distance until more fuel is required might be inaccurate due to a programming error in the Combination Meter Display (CMD) unit. The low fuel warning light will still be illuminated when the fuel level is critically low.
Known owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by mail and advised of the issue. Reprogramming equipment is not expected to be available until February 2019 at the earliest at this point, however. Subaru will contact owners when the rectification work can be carried out, free of charge. A list of affected VINs can also be found here.
A massive recall from Nissan includes D22 Navara vehicles produced between 2002 and 2008, J31 Maxima vehicles produced between 2003 and 2008, N16 Pulsar vehicles produced between 2001 and 2005, T30 X-Trail vehicles produced between 2001 and 2007 as well as Y61 Patrol vehicles produced between 2001 and 2008 that have already had their Takata passenger airbag inflators replaced in previous recalls.
These vehicles will need to have their replacement Takata airbag inflators replaced again as the risk of the airbag propellant degrading is still an issue which could cause the metal inflator housing to explode shooting metal fragments through the airbag cushion.
Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by Nissan by email, letter, phone and SMS advising them to arrange to have their airbags replaced again free of charge. Owners can also contact their nearest Nissan dealership, check here using their VIN or here using their registration number to see if their vehicle is affected by the latest recall.
A number of MY15-MY18 Ram 2500 and 3500 vehicles have been recalled due to a heater hose potentially not being securely mounted which could wear and cause a leak in the braking system. Should the hose leak a loss of brake pedal performance may result which could increase the risk of an accident.
Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail and will need to contact their local Ram dealer to arrange for an inspection and rectification if necessary. A list of affected VINs can be found here or concerned customers can call 1800 649 607 for more information.
Two Lotus Evora owners will be taking their cars back to the dealership to have an issue with the steering column rectified. It appears a steering column cartridge screw is not up to specification and may disengage from the thread causing the steering column to become unpredictable and potentially cause an accident.
Lotus Queensland will be contacting the affected owners and providing a remedy free of charge. Affected VINs can be found here.
Finally this week, MG has updated a previous recall to include more VINs. ZS SUVs sold between November 1, 2016, and November 30, 2018, may have a software issue with the Stability Control System (SCS). If the SCS fails a decrease in power steering assistance may result leading to a heavy steering feel and potentially posing a hazard.
A list of affected VINs can be found here with owners encouraged to contact their nearest MG dealer to arrange a free inspection and repair if necessary.
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