Hot on the heels of the 2018 Swift Sport unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Suzuki Australia has confirmed that the next-gen model will be available in Australia early in 2018.
Featuring a 1.4L Boosterjet turbo engine, the torque output has grown, up 70Nm to 230Nm. Completing the drivetrain will be the option of a six-speed auto or manual transmission.
Suzuki Motor Corporation Chief Engineer Mr. Masao Kobori stated, “It’s lighter, sharper, and quicker. It’s more aggressive and emotive, but we’ve also refined the elements that make it practical to use every day.”
“With the third generation we’ve moved the game on to the next level as a genuine hot hatch. And I’m confident that when you drive it you’re going to go ‘WOW!’.”
Advanced technology and safety features will outfit the car which will also feature new styling, sporty accents and an emphasis on the driving experience.
Suzuki Australia General Manager Automobiles, Michael Pachota, said: “Similar to the legend status of our famed Swift GTi, Sport has developed a global cult following with the first two generations. Venturing down the path of trying to top that is no easy task but that is exactly what we’ve done with the all-new Swift Sport. The level of performance, tech, safety, and style is unparalleled and we are counting down the weeks until it hits our shores.”
Australian specific pricing and specs are yet to be announced so stay tuned.
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