Welcome to Car Conversation, a new Australian automotive website dedicated to all things car related.

As avid consumers of a variety of automotive content, we have become concerned at the information the public receives in order to make their car purchasing decisions.

After years of reading a wide range of automotive websites and blogs, we reached the point where our experiences varied enormously from what we were reading from the so-called experts. Instead of arguing the point, we decided to start our own website.

Connecting with other car enthusiasts and ensuring the public have the most accurate information to inform their purchasing decision is at the centre of everything we do.

We love to have conversations about cars and all aspects of automotive engineering. We are also extremely interested in your car ownership experiences and look forward to you sharing them with us.

We will continually provide unbiased opinions, news, and reviews. Our articles aim to always keep the torque real by cutting through automotive industry press releases to find genuine meaning.

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