Isuzu has released pricing and specification updates for its D-MAX and MU-X models lines.
Specifications have been upgraded, but these improvements do come at an extra cost. All models have had price increases of $1000 - $1700. Despite the price rises, value remains strong across the range.
The most significant change is under the bonnet. Both the D-MAX and MU-X are now equipped with a Euro5 emission compliant 3.0 litre 4JJ1-TC Hi-Power turbo-diesel engine.
Isuzu state the new engine was developed exclusively for the Australian market. The figures look impressive with the maximum torque output increased to 430Nm up from the outgoing model’s 380Nm.
The new engine produces more torque at a lower rpm – leading to better performance and economy.
The D-MAX and MU-X also gain new manual and automatic transmissions. The manual is a 6-Speed, developed in-house by Isuzu. The automatic is from Japanese transmission specialists, Aisin. It’s also a 6-Speed and features adaptive learning technology that adjusts gear changes to suit driving style and situation.
Both cars have strong safety credentials, however, it’s disappointing a reversing camera remains an option on the SX and EX D-MAX. This should really be standard across the range. 
Minor exterior revisions provide an improved look. The front is freshened up with a new headlamp and fog light design. Changes to the exterior also serve to improve aerodynamic performance.
Interior comfort has been improved. Isuzu report sound and vibration insulation has been increased.
Infotainment centre upgrades are found on the D-MAX SX, LS-M and MU-X LS-M variants. These models gain a 7-inch touchscreen display audio system.
Both D-MAX and MU-X in LS-U and LS-T guises receive an 8-inch touchscreen display that features an in-built SatNav.
2017 Isuzu D-MAX retail pricing (excluding on-road costs)
SX single-cab-chassis manual – $28,500
SX single-cab-chassis Hi-Ride auto – $31,700
SX crew-cab-chassis Hi-Ride auto – $37,300
SX space-cab ute Hi-Ride – $35,500
SX crew-cab ute manual – $34,500
SX crew-cab ute Hi-Ride auto – $38,000
LS-U crew-cab ute Hi-Ride auto – $43,600
EX single-cab-chassis manual – $34,800
SX single-cab-chassis manual – $38,000
SX single-cab-chassis auto – $40,100
SX space-cab manual – $40,700
SX space-cab-chassis auto – $42,800
SX crew-cab-chassis manual – $43,200
SX crew-cab-chassis auto – $45,300
SX crew-cab ute manual – $43,900
SX crew-cab ute auto – $46,000
LS-M crew-cab ute manual – $46,400
LS-M crew-cab ute auto – $48,500
LS-U space-cab ute manual – $46,200
LS-U space-cab ute auto – $48,300
LS-U crew-cab ute manual – $48,300
LS-U crew-cab ute auto – $50,400
LS-T crew-cab ute – $54,200
2016.5 Isuzu MU-X retail pricing (excluding on-road costs)
LS-M auto – $41,800
LS-U auto – $43,800
LS-T auto – $47,500
LS-M manual – $47,000
LS-M auto – $49,100
LS-U manual – $49,000
LS-U auto – $51,100
LS-T auto – $54,800
Let’s start a Car Conversation, is anyone keen to upgrade to a 2017 D-MAX or a 2016.5 MU-X? Do you feel improvements to the spec sheet justify the price rises?