Toyota has announced selected 2019 HiLux SR and SR5 models will feature a new front end specially designed by the Port Melbourne-based Toyota Australia design team.
First seen on new the HiLux Rogue, all SR and SR5 extra cab and double cab models will feature the new front end.
The new design features a stronger profile with a large trapezoidal grille, honeycomb insert and outboard fog lamps for a beefed up road presence. SR5 models also feature LED headlights and fog lamps whilst the SR models get halogen fog lamps and headlights.
In addition to the new look, some six-speed automatic models also gain improvements to fuel efficiency. 4x2 SR and SR5 automatic models saw a reduction of 0.2L/100km to 7.9L/100km. 4x4 SR and SR5 automatic models saw a 0.1L/100km improvement coming in at 8.4L/100km. Every bit counts, right?
Another improvement for diesel HiLux models, both 2.8- and 2.4-litre, is the inclusion of a diesel particulate filter switch which can manually initiate a ‘burn’ which will clean out the system. The switch has also been included on all Toyota Fortuner SUV models with the same 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine.
Pricing has remained consistent across the range with only an $80 increase for the 4x2 SR Hi-Rider models, 4x4 SR extra cab chassis, SR double cab chassis and pickup models.
The 4x2 SR Hi-Rider six-speed manual pickup starts at $39,990 (all prices before on-road costs). It features a 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine offering 130kW of power, air conditioning, premium fabric seats and a 7.0-inch touchscreen display.
A six-speed automatic 4x2 SR Hi-Rider pickup version is also available with the extra cab starting at $40,990 and double cab slightly pricier at $41,990.
Premium 4x2 SR5 Hi-Rider double cab models start at $49,940 and come with an automatic transmission only as well as climate control, satellite navigation, 18-inch alloy wheels and a stainless steel sports bar.
To get into a 4x4 SR model, $42,990 is needed for the extra cab chassis manual and $45,140 for the double cab chassis manual. The automatic transmission adds $2000. Pickup versions of the double cab SR add a $1500 premium.
Higher-spec 4x4 SR5 models have unchanged prices coming in at $54,440 for the automatic-only extra cab and manual double cab pickups. The automatic adds $2000 to the SR5 double cab pickup pricing.
The updated 2019 Toyota HiLux range is on sale now.
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