BMW has announced it will add wireless Android Auto functionality to its cars from July 2020.
For those wondering about retrofitting the tech, Android Auto will only be available on vehicles fitted with the brand’s latest Operating System 7.0.
It should also be noted, initially, only the Samsung Galaxy S8 to S10+, Note 8 to 10, and the Google Pixel range will be compatible with BMW’s infotainment system.
BMW also says Android Auto will integrate directly into the brand’s digital cockpit, meaning owners can view all important information not just on the central display, but also in the instrument cluster and head-up display.
Owners will also have access to the Google Assistant voice recognition system, which apparently “makes it easy to get directions, keep in touch and stay productive.”
This announcement follows the news BMW will stop charging owners a subscription fee for Apple CarPlay functionality.
BMW will demonstrate Android Auto functionality for the first time at the 2020 consumer electronics show in January.
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