BMW’s latest Vision Vehicle, the Vision iNEXT has celebrated its world premiere at the Los Angeles motor show, the Bavarian brand claims the concept offers a glimpse into what could be the future of personal mobility which draws together technology, design and new ways of thinking.
Internally the Vision iNEXT aims to create a positive space with the focus on materials and colours. A mix of cloth and wood is used as well as warm colours such as the nude shade Purus Rosé. Petrol-coloured Enlighted Cloudburst cloth upholstery with an intricate Jacquard weave also runs asymmetrically across the rear seat area and extends into the side panelling and parcel shelf.
A range of technologies, dubbed Shy Tech, have been designed to run in the background out of sight and only appear when needed by the vehicle occupants meaning there is no need for screens or buttons. This also allows the control of the vehicle to be tailored to the specific requirements of the occupants.
Externally the new BMW I design language is evident featuring striking lines and clear forms. The Liquid Greyrose Copper paint finish graduates in shade from a warm copper to a dark rose hue.
Other external features include the classical BMW four-eyed front end, complete with super-slender headlights, cameras in place of exterior mirrors and a windscreen that merges into a large panoramic roof.
At the rear slim rear lights cut deep into the car’s tail and an illuminated diffuser are the highlights. The diffuser is not just an attractive element but also functional as it uses aerodynamics to assist with increasing the electric range.
The production model of the BMW iNEXT is expected to roll off the assembly line at the Dingolfing plant from as early as 2021.
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