ANCAP has awarded the new Ford Focus, Hyundai Santa Fe, Genesis G70 and Jaguar I-Pace five-star safety ratings.
The new Ford Focus was a strong performer achieving 72 per cent for both Safety Assist and Vulnerable Road User Protection, 85 per cent for Adult Occupant Protection and its best performing area was Child Occupant Protection achieving 87 per cent.
ANCAP Chief Executive, James Goodwin, commented on the result saying, “The Focus scored maximum points in destructive Child Occupant Protection testing and is equipped with both forward and reverse auto braking.”
Also performing well in testing was the electric-powered Jaguar I-Pace with all variants achieving a five-star rating. Vulnerable Road User Protection came in at 73 per cent, Safety Assist at 77 per cent and Child Occupant Protection achieved 81 per cent but the highest marks were for Adult Occupant Protection with 94 per cent.
“The I-PACE is one of only a few models to offer an external airbag, which is designed to provide increased protection to pedestrians,” said Mr Goodwin.
Safety features have been boosted in the new generation Hyundai Santa Fe with a new child occupant detection feature added. It is designed to alert the driver if a rear seat occupant is detected when exiting the vehicle to reduce the chance of a baby or young child being left in an unattended vehicle.
This new feature contributed to a Child Occupant Protection score of 86 per cent with Vulnerable Road User Protection, Safety Assist and Adult Occupant Protection scoring 67 per cent, 78 per cent and 94 per cent respectively.
Mr Goodwin commented, “Engineers identified two issues with the deployment of the curtain airbag in Santa Fe models fitted with a panoramic roof, with the airbag tearing and a portion of the airbag being caught on the upper belt anchorage. Penalties were applied to scoring of the side impact and oblique pole tests to reflect the increased head injury risk.”
“ANCAP notified the Australian vehicle standards regulator of the issue, resulting in a national recall to remedy models already in service. A production change has been implemented by Hyundai for new models.”
The final five-star graduate for this round of testing was the Genesis G70 with scores of 69 per cent, 81 per cent and 86 per cent were achieved for Vulnerable Road User Protection, Safety assist and Adult Occupant Protection and Child Occupant Protection respectively.
“The Genesis G70 is fitted with a well-performing lane support system, with good performance recorded across testing, including some of the more critical emergency lane keeping test scenarios,” said Mr Goodwin.
The five-star ANCAP safety rating applies to all variants of the Ford Focus (from December 2018), Hyundai Santa Fe (from July 2018), Genesis G70 (from 2018) and I-Pace (from December 2018).
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