SUV maker Haval has revealed the brand’s first plug-in hybrid model ahead of the official launch at Auto China 2018 in Beijing.
Badged as a WEY, the name of Haval’s luxury arm, the P8 will be the first model built on the new Pi4 (plug-in intelligent four-wheel drive) platform. It measures in at a roomy 4765mm in length, 1931mm in width and 1655mm in height with a 2950mm wheelbase.
Power will come from a 2.0-litre petrol engine, which drives the front wheels, and an 85kW rear-mounted electric motor for a combined output of 250kW of power and 524Nm of torque.
A 50km pure electric driving range is claimed with a 660km combined range possible with both motors operating in tandem. With a 220V home power point, charging is claimed to take seven hours which can be reduced to four hours with a dedicated charger. 
A Getrag six-speed dual clutch transmission delivers power to the front (petrol), rear (electric) or all wheels (combined) depending on the situation. The 0-100km/h dash is claimed to take a respectable 6.5 seconds.
Exterior design features include a wide-mouthed trapezoidal grille, LED headlamps, four exhaust pipes, motion sensing top-hinged tailgate and 20 or 21-inch wheels.
Internal highlights include an angled console, panoramic sunroof, LCD instrument panel, premium sound system, 9-inch touch screen and heated and ventilated leather seats with a massage function.
The P8 also comes packed with the latest safety features including autonomous emergency braking (AEB), forward collision warning (FCW), blind spot monitoring (BSM), lane departure warning (LDW), lane keep assist (LKA), a 360-degree camera and an aluminium alloy bonnet for pedestrian safety.
The official launch of the new P8 will take place at Auto China 2018 which runs from April 25 until May 4.
Like the recently revealed H4, the P8 isn’t headed to Australia. This is unfortunate, these new models demonstrate Haval has the technology and the design to be a force in developed markets. Bring em to Australia, Haval!
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