Holden has today announced that it will be adding the Commodore Tourer to its line up from 2018.
Holden is excited by the extra 2cm, or a thumb width, of ground clearance that should provide no added value for those with off-road dreams.
It has been claimed by Holden that the Commodore Tourer has ‘bush-walk meets fashion week styling’ but there is a reason these two worlds don’t traditionally meet.
The new Tourer is a cross between an SUV, wagon and a sedan which is aimed at providing a practical vehicle capable in all situations and appealing to drive. The all-wheel-drive system, with a selection of driving modes, is supposed to help the driver find secluded camping spots or quiet surf beaches.
The Tourer is only 110mm longer than the Commodore and 20mm longer than the Commodore Sportwagon with the aforementioned 20mm more ground clearance.
It will boast 40/20/40 seat splits aiming to increase its practicality offering. Other differences will include a new grille, slim headlamps and silver coloured skid plates.
A black lower fascia, wheel arch protection, roof rails and dual exhaust bezels are meant to enhance the off-road focus of the Tourer.
Added to this, the all-wheel-drive capabilities are enhanced by new torque vectoring that boasts two electrically controlled multi-plate clutches which allow for greater precision in the distribution of power to each wheel, in case it does make it off the bitumen.
All in all, it will be interesting to see if buyers take up the challenge of the Commodore Tourer over the multitude of options from the popular SUV segment.
Let’s start a Car Conversation, will the additional 2cm give this car any genuine off-road ability?  Will the Commodore Tourer have enough appeal to hold its own against an overabundance of SUVs?