In the face of shrinking sales, the brains trust at Holden have put their heads together and come up with the Test Drive Challenge, a new campaign inviting new car buyers to test drive the range of Holden cars and give you $500 if a competitor car is purchased.
Kristian Aquilina, Holden’s Marketing Director stated: “We know this is the best range of cars we’ve offered and in terms of safety, technology, customer service, value and that famous Holden driving spirit, we can’t be beaten.”
“Holden is evolving, no question. The new vehicle line-up is fantastic and we challenge new car buyers to experience how good they are and form their own opinion. We’re so confident in them, we’re willing to put $500 down if they go on to buy something else.”
This bold move is supported by a new advertising campaign which features Holden engineers Rob Trubiani (aka Mr Commodore), Melanie Pollock and Ben Stephens testing the latest range of Holden vehicles.
Rob Trubiani, Lead Dynamics Engineer and Nurburgring record holder, has been involved with the Commodore for the past 22 years, including the all-new European-built import currently wearing the badge. He commented “I know that every Holden engineer puts a lot of time and effort into making our cars fine-tuned for Australian conditions. We pride ourselves on knowing Australian drivers best.”
Holden does invest heavily in local testing and tuning their range, something only a handful of brands bother to do.
Arguably, Holden’s current range is one of their strongest ever, the new Astra, Equinox and Commodore are all worthy competitors in their respective segments and at the very least buyers should take a look. Holden has also moved to a permanent five-year warranty structure.
Of course, there are some guidelines for claiming the $500 if a competitor vehicle is purchased after test driving a Holden. For example, the offer ends August 31 and the vehicle purchased must be in the same segment as the test-driven car. The vehicle from a competitor brand also needs to be purchased and delivered within the ‘Claim Period’.
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