Honda Australia has announced that new vehicles across the range will benefit from a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty from July 1, 2017. And it’s about time too.
Following in the footsteps of Skoda and Jeep with the increased warranty, the Honda range will now be even more desirable as the claims of quality and reliability are put to the test with an increase from three-year/100,000 kilometre factory warranty.
Honda Australia Director, Mr. Stephen Collins, said: “Honda has an envied reputation for quality and reliability, the depth of engineering inherent in our vehicles is something our customers can trust. So we’re taking things a big step further with this 5-year warranty announcement.”
“In the competitive Australia market, customers expect brands to be innovative and Honda Australia is aiming to do this right across the business. Through our network of 107 dealers, we’re continually focused on improving how we interact with our customers.”
As it should be, the five-year warranty is applicable to the entire Honda range from the city-sized Jazz through to the CR-V, Civic hatch and sedan, and even includes the high-performance offering in the Civic Type R.
Combine this with the Honda Tailored Servicing and the ownership costs are starting to fall whilst becoming more transparent.
The current six-year rust perforation warranty and three-year paint warranty are also not affected by the implementation of the increase in warranty.
Under the new warranty program, commercial purpose vehicles are also offered an increase in warranty length to five years, however, there is still a cap at 140,000 kilometres.
Whilst this increase in the length of the warranty is a significant improvement, it still does not match Kia’s industry leading seven-year warranty on new vehicles.
This move will no doubt be the catalyst for other Japanese brands to make the move. Over to you, Mazda and Toyota.
Let’s start a Car Conversation, how do you expect to see sales of new Honda vehicles perform with the introduction of a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty?