Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA) has announced it will be working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to develop an industry-leading program aimed at raising consumer standards and achieving better outcomes for customers.
Working in a voluntary capacity, Hyundai suggests this demonstrates their commitment to their customers by working closely with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) in day-to-day practices.
Hyundai expects this close relationship will translate into better communication of the ACL Consumer Guarantees to Hyundai owners and prospective buyers whilst raising awareness and understanding of the assurance the ACL provides.
ACCC Chairman Rod Simms said, “Hyundai worked constructively with us and formally committed to improve their systems to comply with consumer guarantees.”
“By putting the consumer law front and centre, Hyundai is seeking to ensure its customers get what they’re legally entitled to when they experience a problem with their vehicle,” added Mr Simms.
The ACCC is hoping more car manufacturers will follow Hyundai’s lead and work with them to provide a similar formal commitment.
Hyundai Australia Chief Operating Officer Scott Grant said, “This program will be constructive and beneficial and make our commitment to customers even more obvious. It’s a voluntary undertaking, an open and transparent program that will embrace Australian Consumer Law and reinforce our normal business practices – practices we believe are already working very well.
“We have worked with the ACCC in good faith to try to create better outcomes for our customers into the future. We see this as being a benefit to all of our stakeholders, including the Hyundai dealer network – it will add momentum to what we’re doing and is consistent with our desire to be Australia’s most-loved car company,” Mr Grant added.
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