A new innovative technology which can assist hearing-impaired drivers has been revealed by Hyundai.
Traditionally, hearing-impaired drivers are reliant on their sight and touch sense but the new technology has been developed to provide a mode of communication for hearing impaired people that incorporates both internal and external sounds through tactile and visual means.
Using artificial intelligence to analyse the external sound pattern, two separate driving assist systems - the Audio-Visual Conversion (AVC) and Audio-Tactile Conversion (ATC) – work simultaneously to provide hearing-impaired drivers with information.
The AVC allows information about the external environment to be conveyed visually such as warning sounds of emergency vehicles displayed as pictograms on the head-up display. The steering wheel is also equipped with multi-coloured LEDs which indicate navigational information while driving.
The ATC transfers the sound data into vibrations through the steering wheel which notifies the driver of information such as the distance from obstacles.
A campaign video called The Quiet Taxi has been released by Hyundai which demonstrates how the technology is used through a documentary-style video following the journey of a hearing-impaired taxi driver, Mr Daeho Lee.
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