Isuzu Ute will celebrate 10 years in the Australian market this month, the brand launched locally in 2008 with the increasingly popular D-Max.
Since arriving in Oz, Isuzu Ute has grown substantially over the decade with 273 sales in 2008 (October to December) growing to 10,209 sales five years later in 2013.
April 2017 saw the brand eclipse the 100,000 sales mark. The end of 2017 also saw the ninth consecutive year of double-digit growth for Isuzu with the company on track to make that ten.
There have been a few incarnations of the Isuzu D-Max over the last decade with an all-new generation in 2013. Isuzu has also enjoyed success with its MU-X SUV.
Also growing over the 10 years on Australian soil is the dealership network which has expanded from 38 to over 140 dealerships.
Interestingly, VFACTS lists Isuzu Ute as the 13th largest sales brand in Australia.
By 2020 Isuzu Ute is hoping to achieve 30,000 sales annually.
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