Celebrations of Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary have continued with a trip deep into the Indian Himalayan region to a remote rural community which relies on a fleet of classic Land Rovers to survive.
Known as the ‘Land of Land Rovers’ the village of Sandakphu, which is located at an altitude of 3,636m, relies on 42 meticulously maintained Series Land Rovers to survive.
A film depicting the 31km journey was released which shows the arduous rocky track with towering gradients and rock-strewn pony tracks which are made all the more treacherous by inhospitable weather conditions. Residents undertake the hazardous trip on a daily basis with their Land Rovers.
The Land Rover team visited the tireless collection of Series models, which includes examples from the vintage of 1957 which are still providing reliable and unstoppable all-terrain transport for the community.
Land Rover has also celebrated their 70th anniversary with limited edition vehicles, a museum installation and an original vehicle restoration among other things. What will they think of next?
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