Land Rover is using the new Defender to showcase the new dual-eSIM connectivity tech at the Consumer Electronics Show.
The new Defender will be the first vehicle to use two embedded LTE modems for enhanced connectivity as well as Jaguar Land Rover’s new Pivi Pro touchscreen infotainment.
Using the Pivi Pro system will allow owners to make full use of the new Defender’s Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) technology, without compromising its ability to stream music and connect to apps on the move.
By using its own designated LTE modem and eSIM, the SOTA technology can operate in the background without affecting the day-to-day connectivity which is provided by the separate modem and eSIM in the infotainment module.
The Pivi Pro system utilises a 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen which is always on and always connected to allow passengers to control all aspects of the vehicle’s media system. It uses the same processing hardware found in the latest smartphones.
Two mobile devices will also be able to be connected to the infotainment head unit at once using Bluetooth.
Thanks to having its own battery, the Pivi Pro is also able to respond immediately as the driver enters the vehicle making it ready to accept new destinations instantly with no delay or start up time. Updates can also be downloaded, including navigation mapping data, without the need to visit a dealer.
The LTE connectivity also allows the Defender to roam across multiple networks in different regions to optimise connectivity, so occupants suffer minimal interruptions caused by coverage blackspots from individual providers.
Land Rover has also confirmed that the new Defender will feature 16 control units capable of receiving SOTA updates, an increase over the original projection at the Frankfurt motor show launch in September. It is also expected that the number could increase from 16 to more than 45.
In addition to the techno-wizardry, the new Defender will feature a raft of safety-boosting technologies developed with Bosch to enhance the driving experience.
This includes Land Rover’s innovative 3D Surround Camera System, which gives drivers a unique view of the vehicle’s immediate perimeter using four wide-angle HD cameras, each providing a 190-degree field-of-view.
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