Lexus has confirmed it is involved in a high-tech connected-vehicle trial aimed at reducing road trauma and improving traffic management.
The ground-breaking study brings together the Lexus connected vehicle services department along with VicRoads, the Transport Accident Commission and Telstra.
Involved in the trial are two Lexus RX450h F Sport SUVs which were selected due to their size and capabilities to form the platform to test cooperative intelligent transport systems using cellular vehicle-to-everything technology.
The vehicles have been fitted with specialised equipment which enables them to relay critical safety information between each other and networks at super-high speeds. This specialised equipment is in addition to the standard active safety systems fitted to all new Lexus vehicles.
One part of the testing is focused on a new technology which is designed to provide alerts to drivers about potentially dangerous situations, such as when another vehicle on an intersecting road is likely to run a red light or when vehicles further down the road have stopped suddenly.
As well as the safety aspect, it is hoped that the new technology could benefit traffic flow helping to alleviate congestion and reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
In total, five new connected applications are being tested which include:
- an emergency electronic brake-light warning that alerts the driver when another vehicle ahead is braking hard
- an in-vehicle speed warning provides information on speed limits, including variable signs and advisory signs.
- using a video sensor at an intersection to alert the driver when pedestrians or cyclists are crossing the road.
Testing has so far been conducted at the on-track development and testing facility at the Lexus test track in Altona. The next round of tests will take place on Victorian roads.
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