Mazda Australia is launching a new finance arm under the name, Mazda Finance.
Mazda Finance is aimed at making the buying process simpler by providing financial solutions to customers that make owning and buying a Mazda more attractive.
Vinesh Bhindi, Managing Director of Mazda Australia said that Mazda Finance will create a streamlined path to purchase for Mazda customers.
 “We know that more than two-thirds of new car buyers that look for financing online will refer to manufacturer websites. Mazda Finance is an opportunity to make the purchase process easier, offering tailored solutions that our customers need, in the first place they go looking.”
Mazda Finance has been formed in partnership with Toyota Finance Australia Limited (TFAL) and will be housed in a separate subsidiary company known as Australian Alliance Automotive Finance (AAAF).
Due to officially start trading mid-2019, Mazda Finance will be managed by an independent board of directors, its own sales and management team, and will utilise its own credit license.
More information including product offerings will be available soon. Stay tuned!
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