Mazda has announced its SUV sales are almost at parity with its passenger car range. In November Mazda sold 4,280 SUVs and 4,351 passenger cars for what the company calls rounded 50/50 sales split.

Mazda’s Year-To-Date (YTD) figures separate SUVs and passenger car models 46/54.

The SUV market in Australia continues to grow and there is nothing to suggest this trend will ease. It is only a matter of time before SUV sales eclipse those of passenger cars across the whole of the Australian new car market. Mazda is likely to be one of the first mainstream brands to undertake this shift.

Mazda is in the unique position of having quality offerings in the small, medium and large SUV segments. With the recently released CX-9 and a still fresh CX-3 to be joined by the all-new CX-5 early next year, Mazda can further grow its share of the SUV market.

The ageing medium sized CX-5 continues to sit at the top of the sales chart, not just in its segment, but the overall SUV market. The CX-5 remains Australia's best-selling SUV. The new CX-9 is also performing strongly and has sold 3,718 units between June and November this year.

The preference of Australian car buyers to sit a little higher has also seen the CX-3 small SUV achieve a November-best 1,403 sales.

Mazda Australia marketing director, Alastair Doak said: "We are delighted with our performance last month. The Brand-New Mazda CX-9 has exceeded expectations and we have a full pipeline of product flowing through from Japan to meet demand, while the Mazda CX-5 - almost five years after it went on sale - is still the top-selling SUV, which is extraordinary. We are indeed fortunate to have such a strong range and one that appeals to so many buyers."

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