Mercedes-AMG has announced the development of the electric exhaust gas turbocharger that will bring the brand’s Formula 1 technology to the road.
Developed in partnership with Garrett Motion, the e-compressor technology, that uses an electric exhaust gas turbocharger is currently in the final stages of development. It is earmarked to debut in a series production model from Affalterbach where developers have been intensely working on the technology.
The tech is straight off the Formula 1 racetrack and is touted as the answer to the juxtaposition between a small, fast-reacting turbocharger offering low peak performance and a large turbocharger with high peak performance and turbo lag.
The set-up uses a slim electric motor which integrates directly onto the charger shaft between the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel. It drives the compressor wheel before it accepts the exhaust gas flow.
An immediate response from idle speed is possible due to the electrification of the turbocharger eliminating turbo lag. It also allows for higher torque at low engine speeds, in turn, enhancing agility and optimising acceleration from a standstill.
AMG says the turbocharger achieves speeds of 170,000 rpm and can also be operated via a 48-volt onboard electrical system.
Mercedes-AMG chairman said: "We have clearly defined our goals for an electrified future. In order to reach them, we are relying on discrete and highly innovative components as well as assemblies.”
“With this move we are strategically supplementing our modular technology and tailoring it to our performance requirements. In a first step this includes the electrified turbocharger - an example of the transfer of Formula 1 technology to the road, something with which we will take turbocharged combustion engines to a previously unattainable level of agility."
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