Subaru have announced changes to the service schedule for its new Impreza.
Under the new Impreza Capped Price Service Program (CPS), Impreza service intervals extend to 12,500 kilometres/12 months, compared to 12,500 km/six months for the superseded model.
In Car Conversations with current and potential Subaru owners, short service intervals and their respective costs often come up. Servicing every six months is inconvenient and adds to the cost of ownership.
In the first three years of the CPS, the total cost of servicing the new generation Impreza is $1,298.19 – representing a significant saving of $918.86 compared to the superseded model.
Subaru Australia Managing Director, Colin Christie, said: "With 95% of Impreza being all new, it's given us the opportunity to look at new service offerings that represent real savings for owners."
This is an excellent move and one that should flow through the rest of the Subaru range as models are replaced or updated.
In addition to the updated service program, Subaru has also increased the Impreza’s list of standard features. The new Impreza represents a significant increase in value for money and I’m looking forward to driving it.
New features include:
Impreza 2.0i
•           New generation touchscreen infotainment system featuring:
             o Apple Carplay™
             o Google Android Auto™
•           Subaru Global Platform
•           115 Kilowatts of power at 6,000 rpm and 196 Newton metres of torque at 4,000 rpm
             o Higher power output, up from 110 kW
•           17-inch alloy wheels
Impreza 2.0L adds (to 2.0i specification):
•           8-inch touchscreen
•           Premium cloth trim
•           Dual-zone fully automatic air conditioning
•           Electric folding mirrors with integrated indicators
•           EyeSight driver assist
•           Front fog lights with integrated Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
•           Leather trim steering wheel and gear shift
•           Upgraded Multi-Function Display
Impreza 2.0P adds (to 2.0L specification):
•           Electric sunroof
•           Factory fitted SatNav
Impreza 2.0S adds (to 2.0P specification):
•           Active Torque Vectoring
•           Automatic head lights
•           Automatic front wipers
•           Heated front seats
•           Heated mirrors
•           Leather trim
•           Power driver’s seat
•           Side skirts
•           Steering responsive LED head lights with integrated DRLs
•           Vision Assist features:
             o Blind Spot Monitoring
             o Lane Change Assist
             o Rear Cross Traffic Alert
•           18-inch wheel – pattern unique to the variant 
Let’s start a Car Conversation, does anyone have an order in for the new Impreza? Can anyone share their ownership experience of the current model?