The New South Wales Police Force will use the BMW 530d as Highway Patrol vehicles, the German sedans will fill the void left by locally made Commodores and Falcons.
NSW is the second state to put the 530d into service, last year Victoria Police announced it had entered into a supply partnership with BMW which would see up to 80 530d sedans deployed as highway patrol cars by the end of 2018.
BMW will supply the cars in a “specific authority specification” which means luxury features like a sunroof are not fitted to allow for the fitment of service requirements such as lights and sirens.
Each 520d used by the NSW Police will be fitted with the M Sport Package for enhanced dynamics, as well as the M Sport Brake system for additional stopping power. To ensure police remain supported during service, Comfort seats are also fitted.
There are no details relating to any engine enhancements, the standard 530d features a 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbo-diesel producing 195kW and 620Nm that can hit triple figures in 5.7 seconds.
While BMW service vehicles may seem an extravagant purchase, BMW claims the combination of performance and efficiency ensures the 530d’s ‘whole of life’ costing is highly competitive.
“Globally, the BMW Group supplies emergency and authority vehicles to a large number of countries, so I am very pleased to see our brand continue this proud tradition in Australia,” said BMW Group Australia CEO, Marc Werner.
“We are honoured by our association with the New South Wales Police Force and delighted that our officers will be driving BMW’s safe, efficient and dynamically superior vehicles” he added.
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