BMW is set to roll out the new Traction Control System, developed for the new BMW i3s, on other BMW and Mini models.
Future BMW and Mini models with front, rear and all-wheel drive will have the traction control system fitted, whether they are electric or not, as the system optimises traction, driving stability and driving dynamics in combustion engine vehicles.
The traction control system in question was first developed for the purely electric BMW i3s. The goal was to design a system able to increase output from the motor. To do this the traction control system improves traction and driving stability in unfavourable weather and poor road conditions as the vehicle pulled away, during active Brake Energy Regeneration phases and when accelerating away from tight corners.
The new system has the ability to perform 50-times faster as the control process calculates directly in the powertrain rather than from a remote unit using long signal paths.
“With their high levels of torque and instantaneous responses to every movement of the accelerator, electric motors already make significantly higher demands on driving stability systems than conventional power units,” explains Peter Langen, Head of Chassis Development at BMW.
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