As the 60th anniversary of the British brand continues, the ten-millionth Mini has rolled off the production line in Oxford.
A Mini 60 Year Edition model was the lucky vehicle to be built which came bumper to bumper with the brand’s first small car ever manufactured, a classic Mini from 1959. These two vehicles were then joined by 60 other vehicles from the brand, one from each production year, to create a convoy travelling to Bristol where fans will be celebrating the marque’s birthday.
Peter Weber, Head of the Mini Plant Oxford said: “Seeing the ten-millionth vehicle of our brand come off the production line here in Oxford was a moment of pride for all the employees. Some of them have family members who were already producing the classic Mini at this site.”
In the lead up to the production anniversary, Mini asked fans via social media to share their personal stories from 60 years of Mini. The overwhelming response allowed characteristic vehicles from each production year between 1959 and 2019 to be brought together for the anniversary celebration.
Currently up to 1000 new Mini vehicles are manufactured at the Mini Plant Oxford every day in the form of the Mini 3-door, Mini 5-door and Mini Clubman. The facility will also be responsible for producing the all-electric Mini Cooper SE which enters production in November.
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