Tesla has confirmed the price to use its Supercharges has increased, the announcement follows the recent decisions to axe models from the range, put an end to the popular referral program and cut its workforce.
Originally, Tesla increased the Supercharger fees in Australia by 33 per cent, jumping from $0.35 per kWh to $0.47 per kWh. The matter didn’t end there.
After receiving customer feedback (we can guess what the feedback was), Tesla revised the local pricing down slightly to $0.42 per kWh.
The price hike isn’t localised to Australia, Tesla is increasing the cost of using its Superchargers around the globe to better reflect the cost of electricity and site maintenance.
Using mathematics, it will now cost approximately $32 to charge a Model S with a 75kWh.
This follows the decision to drop the entry-level versions of the Model S and Model X from the portfolio.
Along with the reduction in models, the brand’s referral program will officially end on February 1. The program added a host of benefits to the Tesla ownership experience. Elon Musk said via Twitter the program was "adding too much cost to the cars, especially Model 3.”
The Tesla CEO also announced the company will cut about seven per cent of its workforce.
Despite Tesla delivering 25,250 Model 3 sedans to US customers in December and the model finishing 2018 as the 12th best selling vehicle in its home market, Musk said Tesla’s "products are still too expensive for most people," hence the need to cut costs.
Musk went on to say, “Tesla has only been producing cars for about a decade and we’re up against massive, entrenched competitors. The net effect is that Tesla must work much harder than other manufacturers to survive while building affordable, sustainable products.”
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