EV maker Tesla has announced that new sales of the Model S and Model X will again come with unlimited free Supercharger access.
The free unlimited access to the Supercharger network was originally part of the deal when purchasing the fledgeling electric vehicles, as the brand looked to motivate buyers. The program was phased out from 2017 however due to it being ‘unsustainable’ and instead, owners were offered 400 kilowatt-hours of free charging every year.
The program has also been brought back in various forms including access only being available through a referral program to owners of performance versions of the Model S, Model X and Model 3. This program is due to end in September.
Tesla is attempting to be more responsive to market conditions when compared to established brands. Recently the company confirmed a larger-than-expected $408 million loss in the last quarter, so desperate times and all that.
With Tesla adopting a dynamic pricing model, it’s unclear how long the revived offer will be around.
Buyers configuring a new Model S or Model X will see ‘Free Unlimited Supercharging” listed as included. There is a caveat, the offer only applies for the duration of ownership and is not transferable should the vehicle be sold.
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