Toyota Australia has announced it will offer a five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty as standard on all new vehicles sold from January 1, 2019.
The new warranty coverage will extend to seven years for the engine and transmission if cars “undergo scheduled log-book servicing.”
Cars used for commercial purposes will also be covered for five years, however, there is a 160,000km cap on the milage.
Called Toyota Warranty Advantage, the new five-year warranty coverage applies to all models across the range, from the Yaris to the LandCruiser 200 Series, including petrol, diesel and hybrid drivetrains.
The warranty for hybrid batteries can be extended to 10 years/unlimited kilometres with an annual hybrid health inspection carried out as part of normal 12-monthly servicing from the fifth year.
During the warranty period, Toyota and its dealers will stump up the cost of towing and a loan vehicle if a car requires a warranty repair and is undrivable.
Toyota is also offering a full refund for any failure that renders a vehicle undriveable within 60 days of delivery. This money-back guarantee also applies where there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to repair a vehicle.
Toyota also says warranty coverage can apply beyond the time period if a dealer or Toyota determines a component has failed due to a manufacturing defect.
Sean Hanley Toyota Australia's vice president sales and marketing said the new Toyota Warranty Advantage was the next step in their consumer-focused changes.
"Toyota Warranty Advantage demonstrates the willingness of Toyota and our dealers to provide excellent customer care that matches the enviable reputation of our vehicles for quality, durability and reliability," Mr Hanley said.
"Our guests have told us that being able to remain on the road, with minimal disruption and inconvenience was most important to them."
"Which is why we've taken the time to develop the Toyota Warranty Advantage, to ensure that we deliver what our guests are looking for - a consumer-focused warranty program that will ensure that Toyota owners feel confident and appreciated throughout an exceptional ownership experience."
Toyota’s new warranty terms leave Nissan as the only mainstream brand still offering the old three-year/100,000km coverage.
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