Toyota has released a statement announcing Tuesday, October 3 of this year will be the final day of vehicle production for the brand in Australia.
Toyota’s Altona plant, which manufactures Camry models will begin the shutdown process in August by ceasing Aurion production. This will be followed by the Camry Hybrid, in September, and Camry Petrol in October.
Despite knowing the end was coming in 2017, it is in many ways sad to reach the finish line after more than 50 years of local production.
Australia does play a significant part in the history of Toyota as a global manufacturer. The first Toyota ever produced outside of Japan, the Tiara, was built in Port Melbourne in 1963.
Toyota has already confirmed the next generation Camry, which is due before the end of this year will be imported from Japan.
This news also means Holden will be the last brand to cease manufacturing operations in Australia.
Car Conversation wishes all affected employees from Toyota and those from associated industries the very best for their futures.