Toyota has announced that more than one million LandCruisers have found new Australian homes as the brand passes 10 million global sales.
A total of 10.6 per cent of global LandCruiser sales have gone to Australian buyers since the 1954 launch of the nameplate, which includes LandCruiser Prado, 70 Series and 200 Series vehicles and their predecessors.
Included in the figures are 400,000 sales of the workhorse vehicles including the current 70 Series range, 360,000 sales of the wagons including the latest 200 Series, and 305,000 sales of the Prado wagons.
Last year Australian buyers purchased 42,267 LandCruisers crowning Aussies with number 1 in 70 Series sales and number 3 for both 200 Series and Prado sales out of the 170 countries and regions they are sold in worldwide.
The iconic LandCruiser that lives today was first conceptualized by TMC founder Kiichiro Toyoda who was determined to produce a vehicle with low price, high performance and economy - fully made in Japan.
Toyota Australia Vice President of Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said the reliability and capability of LandCruiser helped Toyota establish its foothold in the world automotive market.
In the beginning, less than 100 units were exported per year, just ten years later that number was blitzed as more than 10,000 units were exported per year.
The flagship Toyota is nothing if not versatile, currently, LandCruiser variants are deployed around Australia, tasked with a variety of roles including providing mobility in zinc and copper mines some 1600 metres underground, herding cattle in Outback Australia as well as performing daily family duties for numerous households.
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