The first real-world testing of the of zero CO2emitting hydrogen-electric vehicles will be conducted by a Melbourne council in partnership with Toyota Australia.
A fleet of three Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV), which are the first of their kind to be driven by members of the public in Australia, will go on a 12-week trial with the Hobson’s Bay City Council in Melbourne’s inner west.
Council staff members will test the vehicles across a range of conditions using them just like any other vehicle.
Toyota Australia's Manager of Advanced Technology Vehicles and Site Development, Matt MacLeod, said: "We know that it's only a matter of time before CO2 regulations arrive in Australia, and that's why there is such a huge focus on zero emission vehicles like the Mirai.”
"This trial is a step in the right direction and that's why we're excited to partner with Hobson's Bay City Council to see these Mirai used in a number of real-world applications.” 

"It's a great opportunity to highlight the fact that these cars drive just like any other vehicle, except they don't make any engine noise and emit nothing but water vapour.”

"Like most hydrogen powered vehicles, the Mirai isn't currently available for sale in Australia, mainly because there isn't existing hydrogen refuelling infrastructure to support it," Mr MacLeod said. 
As there is currently no public hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, the trial FCEVs will be refuelled at a mobile hydrogen refueller at Toyota’s former manufacturing site in nearby Altona, roughly 13 minutes from Hobson’s Bay City Council.
Staff from the council are excited about the opportunity, with Hobson’s Bay City Council Mayor Angela Altair saying, "Our staff will use the three Toyota Mirais to carry out their work for our community."
"We will feed back the experience of our staff to Toyota, so they can learn more about the experience and performance of these cars."
Several other trials are planned by Toyota over the next three years.
Hydrogen Mobility Australia CEO, Claire Johnson, is hoping Toyota’s Mirai trial program will help drive the growth of the hydrogen industry and bring interest and funding for developing the infrastructure needed to support hydrogen-powered vehicles.
Also on trial are two hydrogen fuel cell (FC) forklifts which are being used at Toyota Australia's former manufacturing site in Altona. 
The Toyota Material Handling FC forklifts are the first to be used by Toyota outside of Japan and will be used to move parts around the Altona site.
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