Four manufacturers have issued recall notices this week for issues including a faulty stop-start system, incorrect owner manuals and the never-ending Takata airbag issue.
A recall notice has been issued for 73 Lexus LS500 vehicles due to a problem with the stop-start system.
It appears that improper programming of the engine control computer may result in the engine stalling during acceleration from a stationary position after restarting.
Lexus Australia will be contacting known owners of affected vehicles and advising them to have their vehicle inspected by their preferred Lexus dealership. A list of affected VINs can also be found here.
A number of Infiniti H15 Q30 and QX30 vehicles built between April 2016 and February 2017 have been recalled due to an issue with the owner’s manual.
The description of the rear door child lock function may be indicated incorrectly which could lead to the potential misuse of the function, however, the child safety door lock is unaffected.
Known owners will be contacted in writing by Infiniti Cars Australia from January 2019 advising that an appointment will be necessary to have an owner's manual addendum containing the correct child lock information ‘fitted’ to the owner's manual free of charge. A list of affected VINs can be found here.
The final recalls this week are from Mercedes-Benz and Honda in relation to the dangerous Takata airbags that need to be replaced. Included in the recall are:
2012-2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (VINs here)
2009-2012 Honda City (VINs here)
2007-2011 Honda CR-V (VINs here)
2010-2012 Honda Insight (VINs here)
2006-2012 Honda Jazz (petrol) (VINs here)
2012 Honda Jazz (hybrid) (VINs here)
2001-2007 Honda Accord (VINs here)
2003-2006 Honda MDX (VINs here)
As with all Takata airbag recalls the sooner the airbags are replaced the better as the propellant used to inflate the airbag degrades with age, exposure to high temperatures and humidity which increases the risk of metal fragments being projected through the airbag cushion towards vehicle occupants from the metal inflator housing.
Concerned vehicle owners can also use their number plate to check if their vehicle is affected by the Takata recalls here.
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