Several vehicle recall notices have been issued this week from Bentley, Toyota, Honda, Lexus and BMW.
A recall notice has been issued for 2018-2020 Bentley Bentayga seven-seat SUV vehicles (VINs found here) due to a defect with the seat belt anchorage on the third row.
The anchorage point for the third-row seat belts may not be able to withstand the legal load requirements which could see the seat belts detach from the pillar potentially increasing the risk of an accident or injury occurring in the event of an accident.
Known owners of the 67 affected vehicles will be contacted via mail regarding the recall notice.
A unique recall notice has been issued for 2016-2018 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series (VDJ76, VDJ78, VDJ79) vehicles (VINs found here) due to a potential issued caused by vegetation accumulating around the underbody of the vehicle.
If vegetation accumulates around the underbody and exhaust system of a vehicle and is not removed as outlined in the owner manual, the Diesel Particulate Filter (PDF) system’s periodic regeneration may cause combustion and increase the risk of a fire occurring.
To rectify the issue Toyota dealers will install modified exhaust system heat shields to parts of the vehicle’s exhaust free of charge. The DPF manual regeneration customisation mode will also be enabled allowing owners to conduct manual regeneration in a safe location before entering off-road, dry vegetation environments.
A previous recall notice from Honda has been modified with new models added, new VINs for existing models added and some existing VINs removed. The recall notice relates to the following vehicles (all VINs found here):
1998-2000 Honda Accord
1998-2000 Honda CR-V
1998-2000 Honda Legend
1998-1999 Honda Odessey
2000 Honda Integra
1996-2000 Honda Civic
The recall notice is relevant to the Takata airbag scandal. Affected vehicles may have airbag inflator propellant that can degrade particularly when exposed to moisture causing the airbag to misdeploy, deploy slower than required or not deploy in the event of an accident.
Owners of affected vehicles should stop driving their vehicle immediately. Affected owners will also receive a letter from Honda Australia to organise an urgent vehicle inspection.
Owners of 1996 Honda Civic vehicles that are identified as containing a Takata NADI driver’s airbag inflator at vehicle inspection, and the vehicle has a valid current registration for road use in Australia, will either have to arrange a replacement of the airbag inflator free of charge or make arrangements with Honda Australia for a loan vehicle until a part is available. During this waiting period, owners must not drive their vehicles.
All other owners of vehicles on the recall with valid current registration for road use in Australia will be contacted when replacement parts become available to arrange replacement of the airbag inflator free of charge. While they wait for repair, Honda Australia can provide affected owners with a vehicle for the period until replacement parts become available.
A large recall notice has been issued by Lexus for the following vehicles concerning an issue with the fuel pump:
2013-2014 Lexus IS-F (USE20) (VINs found here)
2013-2015 Lexus LX (URJ201) (VINs found here)
2013-2018 Lexus IS (ASE30 and GSE31) (VINs found here)
2013-2018 Lexus GS (ARL10, GRL10/11/12 and GWL10) (VINs found here)
2013-2018 Lexus LS (USF40, GVF50, VXFA50 and UVF4#) (VINs found here)
2014-2015 Lexus NX (AGZ1#) (VINs found here)
2014-2019 Lexus RC (ASC10 and GSC10) (VINs found here)
2017-2018 Lexus LC (GWZ100 and URZ100) (VINs found here)
2017-2019 Lexus RX (GGL2# and GYL2#) (VINs found here)
An affected vehicle’s fuel pump may stop operating causing warning lights and messages to display on the instrument panel and the engine may not run smoothly. The vehicle may also stall and be unable to be restarted.
Known owners will be contacted in writing to advise of the recall initially. Once parts become available from June 2020 owners will be contacted again to make an appointment with their preferred Lexus dealer for the free repairs to be carried out.
The final recall notice is for 1997-2000 BMW E46 3 Series vehicles (sedans: 316i, 318i, 320i, 323i, 325i, 328i, 330i coupes: 318Ci, 320Ci, 323Ci, 328Ci, 330Ci) (VINs found here) which is also in relation to deadly Takata airbags.
Owners of these affected vehicles should also stop driving their vehicle immediately and contact their preferred BMW dealership for a free urgent vehicle inspection and replacement of the airbag inflator if required. Vehicles will be either towed to the place of inspection or a mobile technician will inspect the vehicle at the consumer’s home or the vehicle’s location.
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