Vehicle recall notices this week come from Mazda, Holden, Lotus and Mitsubishi for a variety of safety concerns.
Mazda has updated a previous recall notice which now includes the following vehicles with diesel engines (VINs found here):
2014-2016 Mazda 3 (BM)
2012-2018 Mazda 6 (GJ, GL)
2012-2018 Mazda CX-5 (KE, KF)
Affected vehicles may accumulate carbon deposits in the intake shutter valve which could result in a gradual drop of engine power, multiple warning lights to display on the driver's dashboard, a gradual increase in vehicle stopping distance, potential engine stall with no re-start and/or smoke may be emitted from the engine compartment.
Mazda Australia will contact known owners to arrange for repairs and a software update to the engine control module once parts becoming available.
A recall notice has been issued for 2018-2019 Holden ZB Commodore vehicles fitted with a 2.0-litre diesel engine (VINs found here) as a clip on the fuel hose bundle may rub on the fuel pump return hose and cause a fuel leak which could lead to a fire.
Holden will contact owners to advise that their vehicle needs to be presented to a dealer for an inspection and repair if necessary.
Also recalled this week is a number of 2012-2020 Lotus Elise 2ZR supercharged vehicles (VINs found here). This is due to the plastic spacers fitted between the fuel rail and cylinder head potentially expanding and contracting. This can cause a reduction in the clamping force of the bolts securing the fuel rail to the cylinder head and eventually, the fuel rail will vibrate and loosen leading to engine failure and leaking fuel which could ignite.
Owners of affected vehicles can expect to be contacted to make arrangements with a dealer for rectification once parts become available.
The final recall notice this week is for 1997-2000 Mitsubishi CE Lancer, CE MirageNL Pajero and WA Express and Starwagon vehicles which were produced from 31 May 1996 through 30 September 1999 and are fitted with a driver's airbag containing a NADI 5-AT inflator (VINs found here).
These vehicles which may be fitted with a Takata NADI 5-AT driver airbag inflator may be at risk of moisture entering the unit and degrading the airbag propellant. This could lead to the propellant not reacting as intended during a collision, causing misdeployment of the airbag which may lead to the airbag inflator rupturing, causing sharp metal fragments to enter the vehicle cabin at high speed, killing or injuring vehicle occupants. The airbag may also underinflate and not provide the protection intended.
Owners of affected vehicles should stop driving their vehicle immediately and organise a free urgent inspection with their preferred Mitsubishi dealer.
If a recalled vehicle is identified as containing the affected type of driver airbag inflator and it is registered for road use, Mitsubishi Australia will offer to buy back the vehicle at current market value as there are no replacement airbag inflators currently available due to the age of the vehicle. Alternative transportation will be arranged to avoid consumer inconvenience while the buyback negotiations are taking place. 
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