Recall notices this week come from Ferrari, Jeep and Mercedes-Benz.
Ferrari has issued two recall notices this week, the first is for the following vehicles (VINs found here) sold between May 29, 2015 and January 10, 2019:
2016 458 Speciale
2016 458 Speciale Spider
2016-2018 488 GTB
2016-2018 California T
2017-2018 488 Spider
2016-2017 F12 Berlinetta
The vehicles in question may have a potentially non-conforming airbag and the seat belt pretensioners Electronic Control Unit (ECU) could lead to power supply failure. This may cause the vehicles airbags and/or the seat belt pretensioners to activate or deactivate, and the airbag warning light on the instrument panel to turn on.
Should the airbag or seat belt pretensioner ECU fail, they may not function correctly which will increase the risk of an accident and injury occurring.
Affected owners are required to contact their preferred Ferrari dealership or Ferrari Australasia to arrange for a free replacement TRW airbag electronic control unit to be fitted.
The second recall from Ferrari is for the following vehicles (VINs found here) which were sold between November 1, 2017 and October 31, 2018:
2017-2018 488 GTB
2017-2018 488 Spider
2017-2018 GTC4 Lusso
2017-2018 GTC4 Lusso T
2017-2018 477 Pista
2017-2018 812 Superfast
These vehicles may have an abnormality in the fuel vapour separator component located between the evaporative emissions canister and the fuel tank due to a manufacturing defect. Should the fuel vapour leak a fire may result.
Affected owners are expected to contact their preferred Ferrari dealer to arrange for a free replacement vapour separator to be fitted.
A small number of 2019 Jeep Cherokee KL vehicles (VINs found here) which were sold between March 1, 2018, and August 9, 2019 have been recalled due to the potential for a loss of communication between an acceleration sensor and the occupant restraint controller (ORC) to occur.
In the event of a crash, the airbag systems may not function as required increasing the risk of injury to vehicle occupants.
Affected owners can expect to be contacted by FCA Australia to arrange for an inspection and replacement of affected sensors.
The final recall notice this week is issued for 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE vehicles (VINs found here) which were sold between February 1 and August 9, 2019. It appears that in affected vehicles the air conditioning system drain hoses may not have been installed corrected allowing condensation to leak into the interior of the vehicle.
If condensation leaks into the vehicles various electrical functions may malfunction including the automatic emergency call (eCall) may fail, the vehicle may not unlock, the vehicle may not start, electrical wiring may short circuit or the active engine-limp-home mode may fail. There is also an increased risk of a fire starting due to a short circuit.
Affected owners should contact their preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer for a free repair.
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