Vehicle recall notices were issued this week by Ford, Volvo and Honda for a range of models needing to visit a dealer.
Kicking off this wrap is a recall for 2017 Ford Transit and 2017-2019 Transit Custom vehicles (VINs found here and here). An issue has been found with the electronic Run-on Water Pump (ROWP) which aids cooling after the engine has been stopped.
Affected vehicles built with a 15A fuse which is meant to protect the ROWP in case of failure may not prevent the ROWP from overheating if it fails. This may lead to the pump body and wiring melting or an engine compartment fire.
Ford will contact known owners to have them arrange a free inspection and repair of their vehicle as soon as possible.
A recall notice for 2014-2017 Volvo S60, V60 and XC60 vehicles with a four-cylinder diesel engine (VINs found here) has been issued. Affected vehicles may have an issue that occurs where air may become trapped in the cooling system if the cooling system must be refilled.
This may lead to insufficient cooling of the engine components which may cause damage or a fire in the engine bay.
Volvo will contact known affected owners in writing requesting an appointment be made to have the vehicles repaired with a preferred Volvo dealer.
Lastly, thirty-six 2019 Honda Odyssey vehicles (VINs found here) have been recalled due to incorrect manufacturing of the rear seatbelt assembly which may see the webbing  sensor in the third row left seat belt assembly become inoperative. In the event of an accident, this fault may cause proper restraint of the seat occupant to be affected.
Affected owners should contact their preferred Honda dealer to arrange a free repair of their vehicle.
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