With a brand new year comes some brand new recalls. Porsche and Audi both have vehicles needing to return to the dealer as the New Year dawns.
Firstly, a number of Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid (9YA) vehicles may have a problem with the fuel tank system.
If a fuel nozzle is turned or not inserted correctly during refuelling, liquid fuel may leak into the fuel tank system and be sucked into the engine’s intake duct during carbon canister regeneration. This could result in an ignitable fuel and air mixture forming in the intake duct which could cause misfiring or deflagration. There is also the potential for an engine to stall which increases the risk of an accident.
Porsche will be contacting known affected owners by mail or concerned customers can check if their vehicle is affected using the VIN here or by contacting their nearest Porsche dealer.
55 examples of the Audi A3 (8V) which were manufactured in 2018 are being recalled due to a problem with the rear seat backrest.
In affected vehicles, a rear seat backrest may have been fitted incorrectly so the mounting for the head restraint is not correctly welded to the outer backrest frame. In the event of an accident, the support and protection functions of the head restraint may be restricted which could increase the risk and severity of injury to an occupant.
Audi Australia will be contacting known owners of affected vehicles and requesting the vehicle be taken in for inspection and replacement of the rear seat if necessary. A list of affected VINs can be found here.
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