Various vehicle recall notices have been issued this week from Mitsubishi, Volkswagen,  Volvo and Ford for a range of defects.
Kicking off the week was a recall for 2016 Mitsubishi Triton double cab models sold between March 2, 2015, and May 26, 2017.
An issue with the rivets for the side step cover has been identified. It appears the rivets may corrode and fracture particularly if they are exposed to salt or anti-freeze agent. Should the rivets fracture the side step cover may detach from the vehicle causing a hazard for other road users.
Mitsubishi Motors Australia is set to contact known affected owners to advise them to take their vehicle to the nearest dealership to have the side step rivets replaced free of charge. A list of affected VINs can be found here.
Owners of 2010-2014 Volkswagen Polo A5 vehicles which were supplied between 1 January 2010 and 1 January 2015 in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory will need to visit a dealership to have the Takata airbag inflator replaced.
As with all Takata airbags, as they age, are exposed to high temperatures or humidity, the risk of the airbag inflator propellant degrading increases. This can result in the metal inflator housing rupturing and expelling metal fragments into the vehicle potentially causing serious injury or death.
Volkswagen will be contacting known owners to advise that the airbag inflator will be changed free of charge at any dealership. Customers can also check the industry-supported website established to check if a vehicle needs an airbag inflator replaced here using their licence plate or use their VIN here to see if their vehicle is affected by the recall.
An issue with the short bleeder hose has required 2016 Volvo XC90 petrol engine vehicles sold between June 1, 2015, and April 29, 2019, to be recalled this week.
It appears that the short bleeder hose may degrade and crack causing coolant to leak. If the coolant accumulates on the catalytic converter on the lambda sensor connection a fire could result.
Affected customers (VINs found here) should contact their preferred Volvo dealer to have the hose replaced.
Ford finishes off the recalls list this week with two recall notices issued. The first is for 2018 Ranger models built between March 7, 2018, and April 13, 2018.
It has been found that in certain vehicles the brake caliper material may not meet specifications resulting in cracked calipers. If the front brake caliper cracks the brake warning lamp in the instrument cluster will become illuminated. This cracking could also lead to a loss of brake fluid which increases the risk of an accident or injury due to increased brake pedal travel and increased stopping distances. 
Ford Australia will be in contact with known affected owners instructing them to present their vehicle at their preferred Ford dealer for an inspection and free replacement if necessary. A list of affected VINs can be found here.
Finally, 2016-2018 Ford Ranger vehicles built between March 1, 2016, and July 13, 2018, will need to visit a dealer due to an issue with the front flexible brake hoses.
In certain vehicles, the front flexible hoses have an increased risk of failure due to a twist developing when assembled. This could lead to a tight bend in the hose which will cause the inner and outer hose layers to wear when driven over extreme bumps requiring greater suspension travel.
If the front brake hose fails, the brake system warning lamp of the instrument cluster will illuminate and there is an increased risk of accident due to potential loss of brake fluid, increased brake pedal travel and increased stopping distances.
Ford Australia will contact known affected owners to arrange for a free replacement of the front brake hoses. A list of affected VINs can be found here.
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