Vehicle recall notices have been issued by Land Rover, Lamborghini, Nissan and Toyota this week relating to a variety of problems.
First up is a recall notice relating to 2019-2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque vehicles (VINs found here) as it has been found that an electrical overload in the 48V system may cause a failure of the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET). 
This issue may cause an electrical cascade failure resulting in the DC/DC converter to experience an electrical short where the 12V circuit shorts to ground. A burning smell and smoke may be detected by vehicle occupants and a fire may also ignite.
Affected owners can expect to be contacted via email, SMS or letter advising of the recall with instructions to book an appointment for a software update with a dealer as soon as possible.
A recall notice for 2019-2020 Lamborghini Urus SUVs (VINs found here) has been issued due to the quality of the quick connector of the fuel line, which is located in the engine compartment.
It appears the component may not meet operating specification at high engine compartment temperatures which may lead to the quick connector material softening and allowing fuel to leak which could ignite.
Known affected owners will be contacted by the manufacturer with instructions to book an appointment with a preferred dealer to have the situation rectified.
Eleven 2019 Nissan R52 Pathfinder hybrid vehicles (VINs found here) have been recalled due to an incorrectly installed component.
The CVT hose connecting the radiator and oil warmer may have been installed in reverse orientation which could lead the cracks and leaks because of the stress from straightening.
This may result in loss of power, fluid puddles under the vehicle or smoke when the CVT oil contacts high-temperature surfaces. A fire may also ignite.
Nissan will contact known affected owners in writing advising of the recall. A free inspection and repair can be carried out with a dealer.
The final recall notice this week comes for three 2020 Toyota GR Supra (DB42R) vehicles (VINs found here) due to an incorrect manufacturing process which may lead to the vehicle’s resin fuel tank leaking and a fire igniting.
Toyota will make contact with the affected owners and advise that a free inspection and repair of the vehicle needs to be carried out at a dealer.
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