Recall notices this fortnight have come from Volkswagen, LDV, Mazda and Nissan for various safety issues.
Kicking off the run-down are two recall notices from Volkswagen, with the first about 2015-2018 Amarok utes (VINs found here).
In affected vehicles, the cable for the spare wheel winch may become weakened and snap when exposed to extreme dirt and dust. This would mean the spare wheel would then only be secured via the secondary securing strap and may detach from the vehicle.
A small number of 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace vehicles (VINs found here) have also been recalled due to the potential for bolts that are supposed to be installed on the longitudinal adjustment mechanism of the driver seat being missing.
The missing bolts may decrease the seat’s restraint capabilities in the event of an accident, which leads to an increased risk of injury to vehicle occupants and the risk of death.
In both cases, affected owners will be contacted to organise an inspection of the vehicle and repair if necessary, free of charge.
Due to a manufacturing defect, many 2020-2021 LDV G10 van’s have been recalled (VINs found here) with the issue affecting the rear brake pipe causing it to leak. There is the potential for a loss in braking performance or total loss of braking ability caused by the defect.
Affected owners are urged to contact their preferred LDV dealer to arrange to have their vehicle inspected and repaired.
Also recalled were 2020 Mazda CX-30 Astina vehicles (VINs found here) as the boot’s power liftgate may partially lower unexpectedly when the vehicle is parked facing uphill on a slope in high ambient temperatures.
If the boot's power liftgate partially lowers while a person is in the vicinity of the rear storage area, the liftgate may make contact with them causing an injury.
Parts to rectify the issue are expected to be available from May 2021 at which time known owners will be contacted and advised to present their vehicle at a Mazda dealer for inspection and repair.
The final recall notice on this run-down comes for 2014-2015 Nissan Pathfinder vehicles (VINs found here) which may have the stop lamp relay stick in the ON position.
This may lead to the stop lamps remaining illuminated even when the brakes are not applied, loss of engine power and/or the driver may be able to shift the vehicle out of park or start the engine without depressing the brake pedal.
Nissan will attempt to contact known affected owners in writing to advise of the recall and advise that an inspection and repair be booked with a preferred dealer.
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