Vehicle recalls this week come from Mercedes-Benz and Isuzu covering a range of issues.
Mercedes-Benz has issued two recall notices. The first is for 2018-2019 A-, C- and CLS-Class vehicles sold between May 22, 2018, and February 4, 2019.
An issue has been detected with the software in the powertrain control unit which may prevent the engine warning light from being activated and cause a reset of the control unit to take place whilst driving.
Should the control unit reset during an ECO stop, the engine may not start again automatically. The engine may also lose power causing the vehicle to coast down whilst in motion.
Affected owners can expect to be contacted by Mercedes-Benz to organise a repair free of charge. A list of affected VINs can also be found here.
The second recall is for certain 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles sold between February 1 and March 28, 2019, which may have a problem with the high beam lights.
There is an issue in some vehicles where the high beam cannot be deactivated using the high beam lever. The driver must turn the rotary light switch to the manual driving light setting for the high beam to be deactivated.
Should the high beam be unable to be deactivated there is an increased risk of an accident or injury occurring due to oncoming vehicle occupants having their vision impaired.
A free software update should fix the issue with affected vehicle owners asked to contact their preferred Mercedes-Benz dealership to arrange for the software update to be installed. Affected VINs can be found here.
A vast number of 2018 Isuzu D-Max crew cab utes (4x2HR/4x4MT and 4x4AT variants equipped with 3 Leaf Rear Suspension) sold between January 27 and October 16, 2018, have been recalled due to an issue with the rear leaf springs.
A defect has been found that may cause the rear leaf spring to fracture due to an insufficient diameter of the front eye. If this occurs the parking brake cable may unintentionally be applied due to the rear axle being unsupported on the failed side. An accident or injury to occupants and other road users may also occur.
Known owners of affected vehicles can expect to be contacted by Isuzu Ute to arrange for an inspection and repair if necessary. Affect VINs can be found here.
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