Time sure does fly, it’s been a year since taking delivery of our SsangYong Musso Ultimate.
Over that time, we’ve covered 26,000 trouble-free kilometres largely due to the shuffling around required to collect press cars.
After reflecting on the first year of ownership, we can confidently say the Musso remains the best choice for the lifestyle buyer who wants the flexibility of a ute without paying the price to obtain a HiLux or Ranger.
When considering the original purchase, the presentation and refinement of the Musso gave it a leg up, even a year later it still looks and feels more like an upmarket family SUV than a ute.
From behind the wheel, it doesn’t feel as big as its rivals which is a good thing. It’s manoeuvrable and easy to pilot in traffic.
Over the past year, the Musso has been subjected to a reasonable amount of punishment, including carting furniture, undertaking daily family duties and transporting pets. It’s stood up well to everything we’ve subjected it to.
The build quality is excellent. All the buttons, switches and controls still feel brand new. Everything feels properly screwed together and there’s no creaks or rattles to speak of. The Nappa leather and interior trims are also holding up brilliantly.  
We’ve done plenty of highway driving but are yet to attempt an epic road trip, but it’s coming.
For those wondering about consumption, around town expect to use around 9.0L/100km. On the highway, without a load in the tray, it’ll drink approximately 7.8L/100km.
As with any car, minor annoyances seem to present themselves as the fleeting smell of fresh trim begins to fade. The 20-inch chrome wheels are a sore point, while it’s nice to have a bit of bling, they are a pain in the arse to keep clean. Then there’s the constant threat of gutter rash, though the 360-degree camera relieves some of that anxiety.
At the time of purchase, one of the Musso’s big selling points was its extensive safety kit. It was one of the first utes to offer autonomous emergency braking. Unfortunately, the safety package is let down by the lane keep assist, it’s too sensitive and the incessant chiming is a significant distraction. In the interest of safety, we’ve turned it off.
Speaking of safety, another feature we have ceased using is the automatic high beam. After numerous attempts to use the function in various situations and on different roads, the automatic high beams are just too slow to react. Countless oncoming vehicles have flashed their lights as the high beams remained on for too long.
Despite the few foibles, the Musso has served us well. We are constantly impressed by its road manners and high levels of comfort. It’s a ute that perfectly fills the role of lifestyle vehicle and we’d happily buy another one.
Our future updates will look at accessories and off-road capability.