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The time has come to return our Prius v long-termer to the good people at Toyota Australia. It’s not as easy as it sounds, after three months the car has become so entrenched into our daily routine it will take some time to adjust to life without it.
During our three months with the Prius v it’s been exposed to every driving situation owners are likely to subject it to, and in doing so covered a total of 6520 kilometres.
The car excelled in the areas of versatility, practicality, comfort and economy. When it comes to the latter the overall combined consumption at the completion of our loan was only 5.5L/100km. This alone is reason enough to consider a hybrid.
Previously, Toyota Australia’s hybrid range was too narrow and the cost wasn’t competitive enough to attract large numbers of buyers. These issues have now been resolved.
Toyota is currently on a hybrid push. The technology is being rolled out across more models and can now be had with a Camry and Corolla without paying a heavy premium. A hybrid version of the RAV4 is also imminent and we expect it to be sensibly positioned.
With all the buzz about electric cars, mainstream affordability is still some way off. Hybrid drivetrains will carry most of the weight as we transition from the combustion engine to electric propulsion.
At present, the Prius v is the most compelling member of the Prius line-up, it fits the role of a seven-seat family transporter with ease. The flexibility of the seating arrangements and the unobtrusive design make it a unique choice amongst seven-seat family cars. There’s nothing else like it.
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In terms of ownership, Toyota’s aftersales support for hybrid buyers is comprehensive, to say the least.
Toyota bolstered its warranty package in January, now offering five-year, unlimited kilometre coverage. This can be extended to seven years for the engine and transmission if cars undergo scheduled log-book servicing at a Toyota dealership.
The warranty for hybrid batteries can be extended to 10 years/unlimited kilometres with an annual hybrid health inspection carried out as part of normal 12-monthly servicing from the fifth year. That should put minds at ease.
Detracting from the Prius v’s impressive ownership credentials is the need to service the car every six months or 10,000km, whatever comes first. Toyota’s latest models have extended the maintenance intervals to 12 months/15,000km.
Thankfully, the first six services are capped at only $140 each which does take some of the sting out of the shorter intervals.
It’s been an insightful three months, the Prius v has proved itself to be a very talented family car regardless of the driving situation we subjected it to. It also proved a hybrid revolution will take place well before fully-electric models become the norm.
Toyota Prius v Specifications
Price from $37,590 plus on-road costs Engine 1.8-litre Atkinson Cycle four-cylinder petrol/electric hybrid Power 100kW Torque 142Nm Transmission CVT automatic Combined Fuel Consumption 4.4L/100km Tank Capacity 45L Length 4645mm Width 1775mm Height 1590mm Wheelbase 2780mm Kerb Weight 1570kg Turning Circle 11m Service Intervals 6 months/10,000km Warranty five year/unlimited kilometre