BMW has released camouflaged images of the upcoming 8 Series Convertible undergoing hot weather testing at Death Valley in the USA.
Death Valley was identified as the ideal location to test the new Convertible, temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius are common, as is extreme dust formations on the edge of the desert – important for assessing the dust-proofing ability of the multi-layer soft-top and the roof mechanism.
The car was left to bake in the sun before engineers checked the operation of the onboard electronics, audio system, sensors and cameras for the driver assistant systems, displays, connectivity functions, seat adjustment and, importantly, the automatic climate control.
Interestingly, the electromagnetic waves from the hydropower plant turbines at the Hoover Dam allow engineers to establish how sensitive the car’s electronic systems are to interference.
The 8 Series coupe has already entered production. In Europe, two variants have launched, the M850i with a 4.4-litre 390kW/750Nm twin-turbo V8 petrol and the 840d powered by a 3.0-litre 235kW/680Nm turbo-diesel engine.
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