Independent vehicle safety authority, ANCAP, has thrown their full support behind a motion put forward by the Australian Labour Party to establish a National Office of Road Safety, as well as the further promotion of independent vehicle safety ratings to accelerate the uptake of vehicle safety technologies.
Announced at the recent Labour Party conference, a National Office of Road Safety would be tasked with the next 10-year National Road Safety Strategy, which is due to commence in 2021.  
Although the number of lives lost on Australian roads is slightly down coming into the festive period, there is still a long way to go to further reduce fatalities on our roads.
ANCAP suggest that more than 2.7 million registered vehicles are 15 years old or older which pose a hazard for occupants and other road users, they want to accelerate the uptake of vehicles with the latest safety technologies and implement strategies and targets to reduce the age of vehicles on the road. 
ANCAP Director – Communications & Advocacy, Rhianne Robson, suggested that one of the key elements to achieving the goal of improving safety was improving new vehicle accessibility and affordability which she suggests requires leadership from not just governments but also automotive, mobility, finance and insurance sectors.
ANCAP has recently launched a campaign, ‘Safer Vehicle Choices Save Lives’, which is aimed at alerting Australian’s to the need to consider vehicle safety when purchasing a vehicle.
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