Ford has confirmed the plans for a new version of the Focus RS hot hatch have been cancelled.
Given the current economic climate along with ever-increasing European emission targets, Ford conceded the new Focus RS wasn’t a viable project.
It was anticipated the new Focus RS would be powered by a modified versions of the hybrid powertrain used in the new Escape SUV.
In a statement, the company said: “As a result of pan-European emissions standards, increased CO2 taxation and the high cost of developing an RS with some form of electrification for a relatively low volume of vehicles, we are not planning another RS version of the Focus.”
Current European Union fleet emission targets require manufacturers to lower their average fleet emissions to 95g/km of CO2 or cop substantial fines.
Globally, Ford is in the process of reducing costs and consolidating its manufacturing facilities. Presently, Ford operates 24 production facilities which are expected to be cut to 18 before the end of this year.
Buyers chasing a Ford performance hatch will need to look at either the upcoming Focus ST or the recently released Fiesta ST.
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