SAIC Motor (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), the parent company of  LDV and MG has opened ‘Advanced London’ a design studio in the heart of London.
The first SAIC Motor studio to specialize in Advanced Digital Design Technology, the new creative space will operate in collaboration with other studios to further develop future product designs for the each of SAIC's brands.
Advance London is the second design studio established in Europe by SAIC Motor with the other studio opened in Birmingham in 2011.
Design VP of SAIC Motor Technical Centre and Global Design Director, Mr Shao Jingfeng, said: “We are really excited to have this new Design Studio in the heart of London opening today. The team is already taking advantage of the cutting-edge creative environment. Design is a huge element of the SAIC Motor vision, as we continue to explore the possibilities of the rapidly evolving automotive sector across the globe. The new Advanced London studio will allow us to focus on concept studies and pre-concepts for future production projects.”
“We are also investing in new technologies as part of our design process and have recently introduced advanced VR technology into our studios around the globe. This allows our designers to fully immerse themselves into the design concepts, greatly improving the level of detail at which ideas can be reviewed before they are turned into more costly physical models. Using state-of-the-art functions such as this will allow Advanced London to explore innovative design concepts, broadening design possibilities.”
The team at the London studio is expected to expand to a few dozen creative designers who are expected to come from all corners of the world. Together they will develop projects which will influence SAIC Motor’s product range across all brands.
SAIC’s Birmingham studio will also be rebranded as SAIC Design Advanced Birmingham for a unified approach across the region.
Car Conversation looks forward to seeing the designs that come forth from the new Advanced London Studio.
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