In an effort to bust the myth of high ownership costs associated with European cars, Skoda Australia has announced new three- and five-year service plans.
Skoda claims the service plans make their cars among the least expensive to service in each model's respective segment.
Director of Skoda Australia, Michael Irmer said: “the new service packs dispel the outdated perception that cars from Europe are necessarily more expensive to own than those from Japan or Korea.”
"There is more to value than recommended retail pricing. In Australia, Skoda customers prefer higher specification variants and we have sought to make optioning up more accessible with value-priced equipment packages.”
To further add to the value equation, Skoda’s service plans include time-dependent items such as brake fluid changes and pollen filter replacement.
After a record-breaking 2017, Skoda is on track to exceed 6000 annual sales in Australia for the first time.
Skoda service plan pricing:
Fabia - $760 (three-year/45,000km), $1600 (five-year/75,000km)
Rapid - $760 (three-year/45,000km), $1600 (five-year/75,000km)
Octavia - $780 (three-year/45,000km), $1600 (five-year/75,000km)
Octavia RS - $860 (three-year/45,000km), $1700 (five-year/75,000km)
Superb - $890 (three-year/45,000km), $2100 (five-year/75,000km)
Karoq - $790 (three-year/45,000km), $1650 (five-year/75,000km)
Kodiaq - $950 (three-year/45,000km), $2100 (five-year/75,000km)
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