Following the first trial of the Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) in November 2018 by the Hobson’s Bay City Council, two FCEVs have now been delivered to AusNet Services and Mondo along with Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA) as part of Toyota’s hydrogen vehicle loan program.
The Mirai FCEVs will be subjected to a range of road conditions by the companies as part of their daily duties which will continue to provide data as to the efficiency, usage and benefits of hydrogen technology.
Toyota Australia's Manager of Advanced Technology Vehicles, Matt MacLeod, said: "there is a common misconception that hydrogen-electric vehicles, like the Mirai FCEV, drive differently."
"Besides making very little noise and emitting nothing but water vapour from the tailpipe the only real difference with the Mirai FCEV is that it uses a different fuel source, hydrogen, for which there is very little infrastructure available here in Australia.”

"That is obviously a large hurdle that must be overcome to enable car makers to introduce this technology, especially ahead of impending CO2 regulations.”

"That's where the Mirai FCEV loan program is a step in the right direction because these zero-emission vehicles are being used by real people in real-world situations," Mr MacLeod said.  
The loan vehicles offer a driving range of roughly 550km with a three to five-minute wait for refuelling. Refuelling will take place at Toyota Australia's former manufacturing site in Altona in Melbourne's west.
Toyota Australia, AusNet Services and Mondo are all members of Hydrogen Mobility Australia.
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