With a pinch and a punch for the start of the month, vehicle recalls have been issued by Audi and Citroen.
A recall notice has been issued for 2010-2013 Audi A8 models (4H) as well as 2012-2016 A8 (4H) Security vehicles with V8/W12 petrol engines (VINs found here) due to an issue with the hydraulic system for the power steering.
It is possible that when the hydraulic system for the power steering is under a high-pressure load, the steering is in full lock or there are heavy vibrations due to uneven road surface that the hydraulic return hose for the power steering may leak. This could lead to reduced power- or no power-steering as well as fire.
Audi will contact known owners to arrange an inspection and installation of a replacement return hose.
Also recalled were 2018 Citroen Dispatch K0 vans (VINs found here) due to the fuel pipes potentially becoming damaged and leaking as a result of excessive movement and vibration.
Affected owners are advised to contact their preferred Citroen dealership to arrange for an inspection and repair.
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